Give to Pico Escondido and Vida Joven

Pico Escondido can only grow as provided for by thoughtful and generous gifts. Young Life camp projects must be fully funded before construction begins. Capital construction projects are funded by donations. All operational expenses are paid from camp revenue generated by guest groups.


Give toward camp scholarships. It costs $120 for someone to attend camp, but any amount would be welcomed!

Vida Joven

Young Life’s field ministry around the world is funded by donations. A significant amount comes from adults in the communities where we work, but many of these communities are low-income and there are no Dominican tax incentives to support non-profits. A great way to help us reach more kids is by donating to our direct ministry, funding staff salaries, club costs, and other expenses.

Expat Staff

"One of the ways in which we keep camp fees for Dominican kids as low as possible is by requiring all U.S. staff working internationally to fundraise for their salary and benefits. Roy Clifford is the Camp Manager. If you would like to financially support his work, please see the information in the box to the right.”

COVID Relief

Help keep Pico stay in operation with our COVID relief fund

Questions​ about giving? Please contact Joey Jimenez, Campaign Director at​ or 719-964-4016.

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