Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the world is Pico Escondido?
Pico Escondido is located in the mountains of Jarabacoa, in the country of the Dominican Republic. The DR is the second largest nation in the Caribbean and shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.
What is the Dominican Republic like?
The DR is a land of contrasts, with towering mountains and rocky cliffs, rain forests, fertile valleys, deserts and white sand beaches. The Dominican people are gracious, warm, and outgoing. They speak Spanish and eat rice and beans almost every day. Baseball is the national sport and dancing is a common evening activity.
What is Vida Joven?
Vida Joven (Young Life), began in the Dominican Republic in 1986. Today Vida Joven serves over 400 Dominican teens a week in various parts of the country.

The Dominican Republic is a country of youth; half of the population is under 19 years of age. These kids are being crushed under the weight of poverty, loneliness, rejection, drugs, alcohol, AIDs and lack of education. Often times a relationship with a Voda Joven leader is their only connection to the light and hope that Jesus offers.

How can I bring a group to Pico?
Most work teams from the US come down in the spring and summer, but we are flexible to special circumstances in the winter and fall. See our US Work Teams page for more information. 
How can I be on summer staff or a spring intern at Pico?
Each spring and summer college-age students come to Pico to serve and have a life changing experience. For Spring Intern info, click here, and for summer staff/intern info, click here.
How can I get involved with Young Life in the Dominican Republic?
Pray for us. Come visit and see what we are all about on a work trip or as an Intern or on Summer Staff. Check out our wish list and see if you have anything we need here. Become a donor and help make our ministry possible by visiting our Giving page and seeing ways you can be involved financially.
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