Expedition Teams

Why Expedition Teams?

Leaving the United States and serving in another culture is an invaluable way to grow a believer’s faith, strengthen their convictions, and see God in a new way. Expedition teams partner with our Vida Joven areas as well as camp staff to serve in local areas and at Pico Escondido. We encourage Expedition teams to come into the week with open hearts, and a willingness to give and receive resources and wisdom with the international community of believers. God is at work in the Dominican Republic and it is encouraging for the Dominicans to see Americans who want to partner with them in ministry. 

Who can come on an Expedition team?

Whether a teenager, college student, or adult, Expedition team participants are brought into the presence of Christ in a unique and profound way. These trips are more than a short-term mission opportunity. They are a chance to be a part of the global ministry of what God is doing through Young Life. Expedition Teams can be Young Life Campaigner groups, church youth groups, men’s Bible studies, women’s Bible studies, college reunions, Young Life leaders, families, school groups, or any other group that wants to serve and grow. 


What does a typical week look like?

An Expedition trip begins when the team is met at the airport in the DR by their Dominican hosts - YL volunteer leaders and staff who will spend the entire week with the team. Teams then travel to a town to stay with the families of Vida Joven leaders and serve in a local area for three nights and four days. Homestays are typically the most powerful part of the trip, as team members get to see what Young Life looks likes in local areas. Teams will get to serve the community and get to see a close glimpse of the Young Life leaders in action - even attending a Young Life club. After the homestays, teams head to Pico Escondido to participate in work projects at camp. Much of Pico was built by work teams, and that tradition continues as the ministry continues to grow. Teams play a key role in improving camp according to the needs of the ministry. After a week of hard work, teams get a day to experience a beautiful part of the island and debrief their week.

How much does an Expedition Trip cost? 

The cost per person for an eight-day trip for 2020 is $750 plus airfare ($45 for each additional day). The cost includes lodging, ground transportation, project costs, meals, a ministry donation, an adventure day, and trip support provided by our sending agency - Young Life Expeditions. For $45 each participant can also receive travel insurance, which is highly recommended. Expedition teams provide invaluable financial assistance to the ministry of Vida Joven. We encourage all team members to fundraise the cost of their trip as it provides a powerful journey in trusting God and sharing the vision of Vida Joven with many other people who would never be able to make the trip themselves. Young Life Expeditions provides excellent fundraising tools to assist the team in reaching their goal. ​

There are Expedition team opportunities all year long! For more information, fill out an inquiry form with Young Life Expeditions or contact Allison Heredia​, the North American Liaison in the DR!

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