A Brief History of Pico Escondido


A Slow Beginning

Pico Escondido has been created as a result of many people's desire to see Dominican youth meet Jesus Christ. Construction began in 1999, slowly growing each year through the labor of volunteer work teams from the United States and local contractors. Camp functioned with just one building until 2009, using the main lodge as housing for 105 people and as a combined meeting space. The camp property would not be what it is today without the many people who gave their time, money, sweat, and love to serve at Pico Escondido. ​​​​​

Dre​ams Become Reality


The vision for Pico is to provide kids from all over the Dominican Republic with the best week of their lives. In 2003, Pico Escondido held its first official weeks of Outreach Camp for Dominican kids. Camp happened because of the many people who served as work team members, assign team, summer staff and interns. Each year, the number of kids at camp continued to grow. In 2012, Outreach Camp brought 572 kids and leaders to Pico. The summer of 2015 saw 1,102 Dominican teenagers and leaders at Outreach Camp. Many kids over the years have heard of Christ’s love at Pico Escondido, many of them making commitments to follow Jesus.  

​​Generous Giving

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In 2008, Pico received generous capital funding to take our facilities to the next level. For the next four years, American work teams, Pico’s property staff, and local contractors worked together to carry out the next phase of development. In July of 2012 this phase was completed, providing Pico with infrastructure improvements, a new playing field, two more dorms, and a Giant Swing. 

​​Pico Escondido Today

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Currently, Pico can house up to 185 guests. When completed, Pico Escondido will be able to house up to 250 people. This property already has and will continue to serve kids in a way they could never have even dreamed, as it's a place unlike any other in the entire country. Many non-profit and church groups also take advantage of Pico’s one-of-a-kind facilities for weeklong or weekend retreats and currently about 5,000 guests stay at Pico throughout the year. 

Today, our gym serves as our recreational space and converts into a meeting space for larger guest groups. Work Teams have continued to participate in improvements to the camp, such as expanded kitchen and dining areas that provide guests with excellent food service. Pico’s pool was completely rebuilt in the summer of 2015. The adjacent amphitheater was completed by work teams in 2014. Pico is always changing and improving, and we won’t complete our building campaign without generous gifts or work teams​. Thank you for being a part of this place!

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